Fascination with the Big Cat


Sent in by Richard V., Milwaukee, WI


I like British stuff. Punk Rock, Mod style, Club Music, Drinking Beer on public streets in the middle of the day, Barbour coats, Brogues, the sound of old BSA motorcycles and E Type Jaguars. I really like E-Type Jaguars.




My obsession with E-types began with “Harold and Maude.” While I was enthralled with the cinematography of Hal Ashby, I was even more interested in the E-Type Jaguar Harold eventually transforms into a hearse. I would still place the E-Type near the top of the most beautiful automobiles ever created. Even as a hearse.

About 10 years later I became close friends with Sean Weber and we eventually became college room mates. Flip Weber, Sean’s dad was just about the coolest guy I had ever met and he had an E-Type Jaguar. A lot of things about Flip were at a seemingly mythical level. His sense of adventure, mono-ski racing, success in business as an early real estate developer in Scottsdale, Az. Everything was slightly larger than life if he was involved in it.




Fast Forward 8 years. In Ken Russell’s later years of film making he made a horror film called “Lair of the White Worm.” Not his greatest accomplishment by any means, but there was that car again. Beautifully shot in a dark and rainy night driving scene. All three blades trying to sweep the rain from the wind screen.




Fast forward 26 years. Flip Weber died. Around the time of his death, my good friend Sean posted this photo of Flip Next to his E-Type. I am guessing early 1970s up around Flagstaff, Az. A photo I had never seen, but fully captures the spirit of one of the coolest guys I have ever met. I will not even try to point out everything that is great about this photo. All right, I will point out that he is wearing a sidearm and carrying a rifle while out for a drive in his Jaguar. Have a look for yourself. I will never look at E-Type Jaguars the same again.



Editor Note: The picture of Flip hunting with his E-Type reaches a new level of oxymoron. “The Marlboro Man trades his horse for a cat” or “Why Americans love E-Types”. Probably the coolest picture we’ve seen in 2014.

Our Godfather of Patina® in Danvers and Steve McQueen would be proud.






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