Fuelfed Coffee & Classics This Sunday, May 25th



Three new Items to know about Coffee & Classics® in 2014:

1. Membership packets are mailing as we write this. It is doubtful they’ll arrive before Sunday. That said, we won’t be checking for 2014 C&C Parking Decals at this event.

2. Please take a look at the link for the 2014 parking map. Elm will be blocked off at Greenbay as well as at Arbor Vitae so we can now park on the bridge. You’ll need to enter from Oak (one block south Elm) and drive north up Lincoln.

3. While we encourage all to become paid members, all European classics will be welcome throughout the season. There will not be an entry fee. Paid 2014 members will have parking priority as we transition to the parking passes (C&C decals) in addition to other membership benefits.

Those new to Fuelfed® and C&C who would like a little more info can go here.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone. While there will be a bit of an adjustment to figure out what works and doesn’t with traffic and parking, the goal is to continue to have a casual car morning gathering of camaraderie with a little more parking.



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