Eastwood Tool Co. Coming to Chicagoland!




Schmitt Haus sent us a little heads-up that Eastwood Tool Co. is coming to Chicagoland. Oh boy, kid in a candy store!

Now that Sears has dailed back their tool offerings and with the raise of Advance Auto and O’Reilly and their ultra-crap China made everything, it’s refreshing that a serious player in the car world has stepped up.

The press release reads as:

Eastwood has transitioned from a conventional catalog company into an online source for automotive tools and supplies, and on April 3 plans to open a brick-and-mortar store that “puts a twist on traditional retail with an experiential format unlike any other in the automotive space,” according to the company.

In a market where products are typically hanging on shelves, Eastwood’s retail experience brings the garage environment directly to shoppers, with an experience designed to educate tool-users with hands-on workshops, how-to videos, interactive product displays and the opportunity to try products before making a purchase.

“A visit to the store is literally that of a toy store for car guys”, stated Nick Capinski, senior content marketing manager at Eastwood.  “If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use an English wheel or maybe a TIG welder, we’re hosting classes that share the information needed to succeed with the tool, plus allowing students to get hands-on usage.”

The store, which is located at 12100 S. Cicero Ave. in Alsip, is also available for car shows and other events.

“After reviewing local market data, we determined Chicago would be a great location to open this truly unique retail experience”, said Brian Huck, Eastwood’s VP, marketing & sales. “Chicago’s strong density of automotive enthusiasts and central location were key factors in our decision to open in Alsip.”

A grand opening celebration is planned April 25-May 4.



One Response to “Eastwood Tool Co. Coming to Chicagoland!”

  1. Jean Trnka Says:

    Future road trip maybe?



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