Birthday Wishes To The Driver Who Makes It All Possible




So, close to 20 years ago I met Brian Hughes. I thought I was a true car guy with my vintage Porsche and my love of any German, Italian French or British rolling stock.

Then I met Brian.

Good God, within 2 hours I realized that during the last 5 years he had bought and sold more cars than I had ever imagined I would own in a lifetime. He was bringing up arcane facts about Mercedes W124’s that made my head spin. He had a rare, vintage Vespa in boxes in his latest garage rental just waiting to be reborn.

This guy is a car guy.

He was there the first time I seriously exceeded the speed limit on a rural road, two cars back and laughing his ass off as I went across a wet two lane bridge sideways. He was there the first time I drove on Road America at speed, a memory that I’ll carry to my grave.

His knowledge, passion, love and enthusiasm for cars had to bubble up into something more than just wrenching in the garage. He had to make it bigger. And so we now have Fuelfed, probably the premier car group in the country. Bigger than any of the local single marque clubs, Fuelfed properly celebrates the beauty and fascination of the vintage automobile in a way that is approachable, meaningful and pure. It’s all because Brian has a love for cars that has to be shared. Because you’re reading this, you’re all a part of it.

And today is his birthday.

If you can’t give him a shout out, toast him tonight. Or better yet, check your mirrors and seriously exceed the speed limit the next time you have a chance.



3 Responses to “Birthday Wishes To The Driver Who Makes It All Possible”

  1. Howard Yefsky Says:

    Happy anniversary of your birth day. Wasn’t there on that eventful day, so today I just wanted to say enjoy this momentous day and thanks for the wonderful Sunday mornings and the opportunity to meet new enthusiastic friends.
    Howard Yefsky

  2. The Driver Says:

    Wow! Now I’m weepy.
    Thanks for the heart felt props Todd. You’ve been there since the beginning and a great friend for the whole ride.

  3. Jean Trnka Says:

    A HUGE Happy Birthday, Brian!

    And I’ll get my $35 check in the mail tomorrow. Glad you sent the reminder, I forgot about it.



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