Agent From God




Fuelfed is always on the look-out for classics that have authentic soul.
What are your thoughts on this one?



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2 Responses to “Agent From God”

  1. Kabinenroller Says:

    One of my all time favorite cars! ( beleive it or not)
    The Lincoln Versailles (1977-1980) was more than a Mercury Monarch with lock washers.
    Mine was a ’77, it was painted silver with a silver vinyl roof and wedgewood blue leather interior. It was never driven in winter, and was perfect. I installed a set of silver Mini-lite wheels and some big radial tires. We drove the car for nine seasons, putting it in storage before the snow arrived. I sold the car to a guy from Zion who I thought would give it good home.
    About two years after I sold it I thought I saw the car in a parking lot while driving through Zion. I made a U turn and drove into the lot, the closer I got to the car the worse it looked. I thought this cannot be my Versailles. But when I got close there it was, proof it was my car, the tu-tone blue pinstripe and the initials JG were still on the car! It was trashed, from the interior to the bald tires it was beat to within a inch of it life. I suddenly felt Sick, here was one of my favorite cars and some clown destroyed it.
    Jim Garbo

  2. Kabinenroller Says:

    Been searching for a photo of my Versailles but so far I have been unable to locate one. It was before digital photography !

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