Our 2014 Fuelfed Chicago Auto Show Press Kit has Arrived




Last week we received our 2014 Chicago Auto Show Press Kit. Ok, more of a weak PPT link, but at least they’re inviting us back after Shahin’s antic’s at the Cadillac video stage last year. This year, we won’t drink so much of the free beer.

Last year we had a great time schmoozing industry big wigs and in-depth conversations with Polestar and the late Fisker.

This year promises more social media tech everywhere in hopes to attract more of the waining 20 somethings into the car fold. We’ll be eyeing how truly effective that is. As most SM so terribly misses the target agenda.







3 Responses to “Our 2014 Fuelfed Chicago Auto Show Press Kit has Arrived”

  1. Ben Schmitt Says:

    Is this an invite to go as a group during the press days? If not that is cool but going to the auto show without the masses is incredibly appealing. I haven’t been in maybe 4-5 years because it’s so crowded there.

  2. Ben Schmitt Says:

    No problem, have fun!

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