Give Her a Little Exercise




In response for submissions of Fuelfed members cars out in the wild, Lee P. sent in this beauty. Curious about the background landmark.

“This is from a couple of years ago, but if we have a dry, relatively salt-free day in mid winter, I love the opportunity to give her some mid winter excercise!”




One Response to “Give Her a Little Exercise”

  1. Lee Putman Says:

    The Chick ‘n Dip is a genuine 1950’s ‘Drive In’ style burger joint. Still owned by the same family that opened it in 1958, it’s a local landmark in Hampshire, IL. A great place for a soft serve ice cream (Dipped in chocolate?), or their signature Broasted Chicken, now you can understand the ‘Chick ‘n Dip’ name! The sizeable parking lot is a great place to meet fellow classic drivers, either before or after a cruise on the many scenic roads out there, well away from the chaos of suburbia.

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