Happy Birthday to the King




Not only was Elvis Presley the king of Rock & Roll, he was the king of car charity. Supposedly Elvis gave away over 20 cars to friends and family for only the reason that he thought they’d really like the vehicle. We all need friends like Elvis.

Time for lunch and a peanut butter, banana & bacon sandwich.




2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to the King”

  1. Mike Bonkalski Says:

    I figured you would have a picture of the King in his BMW 507 – http://www.elvispresleymusic.com.au/pictures/img/elvis/cars/bmw_507_elvis_bad_nauheim.jpg

    • The Driver Says:

      Yeah you’d think, but we liked the suburban shot and the implication that he gave away his American cars. Certainly he wouldn’t give away the 507. Would he?

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