Ted Strobl Goes Skiing




Our good friend and Fuelfed mentor, the legendary Ted Strobl was never one to let weather impact his Sunday riding. From the 1950’s through the 1970’s Ted loved skiing at Wilmot Mountain with his family. His wife Lanie would bring the kids in the VW Beetle with the skis on the roof and Ted would ride his R75/5. Ted found great pleasure in testing his riding chops and promoting the sport of motorcycling. Ted always set the benchmark in BMW motorcycling bravado.



3 Responses to “Ted Strobl Goes Skiing”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Cool, very cool.

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  2. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Very cool!

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  3. Ben Robertson Says:

    Very cool. I always wondered who that man was. My father had pics of him up in his garage that he had taken at BMW rallies of the years.

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