Original Super Model, Meet the Original Super Car…




Twiggy. Twiggy. Twiggy. Most people today have no idea who Twiggy was/is. As a very young boy I had a crush on Twiggy. Hey, she was skinny, blonde, blue-eyed and liked cars. What’s not to like? Her svelte stature and ultra eye-lashes set the bar for what was to evolve into the term “super model”. She was on every cover, of every magazine, everywhere. In fact, she’s still hot today.




Enter the Lamborghini Miura S. It was svelte, powerful, exotic and had ultra eye-lashes. It set the bar for what a “super car ” should be. It appeared on every car magazine cover and shared news stand real estate with Twiggy covers everywhere.

One would think the skinny blonde Brit would drive a Mini, in fact she did, but once she saw her mechanical counter part, it was love at first sight. Twiggy ordered her 1969 Miura S in lime green with her favorite color orange with white center stripes. Serendipitous? I think not.

The two radiant super models enjoyed each others company for 9 years.





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