Jalopnik writes the Porsche Carrera GT that took the life of Paul Walker last weekend is “not a car to mess with”. A former Porsche manager called it the “most dangerous car on the road.”

Porsche test driver and legend Walter Rohrl was scared of it and noted that it probably needed (and did not get) traction control after he completed a white-knuckle lap at speed in the rain at Nurburgring.

Jay Leno was oh so lucky after spinning a CGT out at Talledega.

What no one says is that it’s unsafe, poorly engineered or should not be driven. Graham Rahal said it was probably the finest road car ever made, but has to be treated with respect.

Whether it’s a Porsche Carrera GT, a gracefully aging M3 on a twisty Wisconsin road or even a pickup truck just going to the lumber yard, respect is the key word. We can’t take any vehicle for granted or forget what they can do to us – if we daydream.

If I was handed the keys to a Carrera GT? I’d definitely take one for a spi…a drive. Respectfully.


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