The Fuelfed Founders Group 100 Has Launched




Fuelfed started as a small performance-oriented drivers group back in 1998. In 2010 Coffee & Classics was created as an extension of Fuelfed in the interest of gathering other like-minded enthusiasts with classic European cars. We never expected to quickly see over 150 fellow enthusiasts join us on Sunday mornings in Winnetka. Nor did we foresee so many great friendships as a result. Still, most C&C participants had no clue what Fuelfed was. That didn’t matter; we were all kindred spirits and started including everyone in other Fuelfed activities. Today, Fuelfed has over 550 Chicagoland members and 20 driving/social events.

As such, we have launched the Fuelfed Founders Group 100 (FFG100) for the top hundred members that believe in taking the Fuelfed Spirit to the next level. Within 24 hours of the launch, we are at 65 out of a possible 100 founder seats. It’s been quite eye-opening to see the responses and heart-felt as to who they are. It makes us very very proud to be part of such a great local car community and instills faith in good people.

Look for this ultra rare logo on cars around Chicago in 2014, and know that they are one of the elite stewards of car culture.



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