The Fuelfed Fall Classic is a Week Out




Fuelfed is running its popular Autumnal event once again. This year, we’ll be heading straight north to Elkhart Lake, WI. Yes, home to one of America’s best race tracks. Mark October 5-6, 2013 for a fun weekend of classic car camaraderie, great scenic roads and of course… cocktails.

There is, however, one rule: Rain or shine, you need to drive a vintage car on the trip (manufactured before 1990) hence the “classic”.





For 2013, we wanted to celebrate some of the racing provenance that the village of Elkhart Lake once had before Road America was constructed in the early 1950′s. The Kettle Call Rally that continues this tradition of open-road rallying. Class Motor Cars Online co-hosting our cocktail party under the tent at the same Lake St. property that once had Phil Hill and John Fitch drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon with their Cunningham CR4 and C-Type Jaguar race cars in the same driveway. Dinner is just down the street. Late night bench-racing over cocktails. Yes, all the motorsport history that was all but forgotten, a mere sixty years ago.

If you’re interested in joining other Fueled members for this popular private Fuelfed event, please inquire here.






2 Responses to “The Fuelfed Fall Classic is a Week Out”

  1. Patrick Callahan Says:

    Greetings …..

    We would like to park our 1956 Jaguar XK-140 in the Winnetka Coffee/Classic this Sunday 9/29/13.

    Please let me know if we need to do anything other than show up and park our car on the assigned streets.

    Thank you.

    P. Callahan

  2. The Driver Says:

    Nothing you need to do but meet & greet other enthusiasts.

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