Father Dave and the Power of “or Else”




Last Thursdays’ Spontaneous Combustion had great promise. The Lake Bluff police & chamber of commerce assured us that the town square had little traffic weekday evenings. Little did we know Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest was hosting the BMW Championship just a few miles west and booked dining engagements around town that evening. Parking didn’t exist.




Classics started arriving at 6:30pm only for us to redirect them three blocks east to a church parking lot. As we were pulling in, a frightened Father Dave came out to investigate. We assured him that no burn-outs with the 265 GTB-4 would occur. We also guaranteed his glee club would have a few spots to park in. He agreed, but insisted we be gone by 8:00pm…“or else”.









Curious neighbors from surrounding blocks walked over to view the special cars and ended up joining (as usually happens) in the festivities. The lite but enthusiastic crowd conversed until dark. At precisely 8:00pm the skies opened up with a micro-burst and caught everyone with their tops down. Everyone scrambled to salvage what they could of dry interior. Surprisingly, all the rust-prone Brit classics fired right up, but the mighty stainless DeLorean had to be jumped with a handy paper clip.

The “or else” got Father Dave his parking lot back as planned.







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