2012 Fuelfed Fall Classic Revisited…




The 2013 Fuelfed Fall Classic brings us up to Elkhart Lake and joining forces with the Kettle Call Rally and touring laps on Road America, but that’s for members only…for now.




As this years private member only Fuelfed Fall Classic is just a month a away, we thought we’d give a small recap for those who didn’t make it in 2012. Please note that the pictures in this post are from 2012, but have 2013 on them for other Fuelfed purposes.

Last year’s 2012 Fuelfed Fall Classic had 24 classic cars participating. The weather was definitely Fall-like, with temps in the high 40s and cloudy. We started early at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva and made our way through New Glarus and up to Mt. Horeb for lunch. The long drive was without incident…








… Ok we lied. But Fuelfed drivers are always prepared and willing to help with the proper tools needed for whatever the occasion.






Next was over to George’s private collection of race cars, auto art and aero-space sputniks.








After the collection we made our way out to where the roads get twisty, cell phones don’t work and drivers get lost.









After a few hours of blasting through remote country roads, some of us made to the photo-shoot, while others continued to meander praying their gps would help them. The old faithful paper maps guided them back…eventually.









We all made it to Quivey’s Grove for dinner in the old Civil War era structure for delious steak, cocktails and late night cigars and general BS’ng.




Sunday we made out way to Lake Mills for 2 Shores mini version of our Fuelfed Coffee & Classics. Needless to say, the Fuelfed clan made a big hit in the cute small town.









Some drivers hit the highway after 2 Shores Cars & Coffee, while others stayed for some cultural inspiration.






Thanks for organizing such a great event. I had a blast, and really enjoyed meeting  the guys and getting to know you. I really appreciate the gentle push to get me to register, its exactly what I needed!  Wish I could attend more events, but with little kids its tough. But believe me, I value everything I get to attend and look forward to meeting more folks within the group, and truly appreciate being invited to all of the events. If I can ever help you with planning and logistics for events, please let me know. Happy to help and contribute any way I can. Thanks again for everything, and look forward to catching up with you soon.
Brian J.

Thanks again for bringing this all together. Yoko and I had a great time and made some new friends. Even better, Yoko has started to like the Jag which is huge because it will enable me to enjoy the car much more and get her to attend more events. She even asked if we could do it next year. The Healey guys also had a great time and we are already talking about the next meet.
Matt R.

I just wanted to drop you a note saying thank you for putting on the event. I know it takes a bunch of time and effort to coordinate 40 some people and cars and their problems. So a nice job to be congratulated on. The group was very pleasant and the whole event was nicely run and organized. If only the weather we had on Thursday could have been in place for Sat it would have been perfect. Again, thanks for the invitation and if you do it again we will certainly try to make it. In the meantime I am going to work on my heater!
Joe H.

Mimi and I would like thank you for what we hope will be the first of many FFC’s. We relished the driving and comradery on some of the best driving roads in the Midwest and can’t say enough about the entusiastic and friendly people we got know and spend time with. Freude am fahren to all.
David M.

What a great event! Thanks for all your hard work and putting this together. We’re pretty new to the FuelFed scene so it was great getting to know many of you over a great, fun weekend. Sunday morning was a bonus with even more cool iron to look at. We’d hope to continue participating in these events and the C&C’s.
Mark & Gillan (red M6)



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