No Car-Waxing Wankers for Bert Levy




We haven’t had time to do a recap on July’s Coffee & Classics yet, so we’ll take a short exert from the famous Burt Levy.




“Carol and I barely got from Road America before yet another weekend rolled in. But this was an easy one, as my only commitment was a book signing at the informal and utterly amazing Fuelfed “Coffee & Classics” gathering in my old hometown of Winnetka, Il. I’d heard about these “Coffee and Classics” deals and wrongly surmised it was a bunch of car-waxing wankers with “Magnum-issue” Ferraris, late-model Vettes & Bimmers and entirely too many glistening Porsche 911s. Was I in for a surprise! The variety was astounding, as was the laid-back ambiance, and I have to thank Arthur Frank of Round Table Books for letting me set up my little vegetable stand in front of his place.”




“There was a little bit of everything on hand and you can bet I’ll be back. Coffee & Classics in Winnetka runs from 9-11am on the last Sunday of the month, and it’s surely worth the mileage. Good places to eat around there afterwards, too.”

Come to Winnetka this Sunday to see what the buzz is about.




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