July Coffee & Classics with Some “BS”




Some of us are still coming off a long hard weekend up at Elkhart. While others will roll in with fresh road grime from the private Fuelfed member Drive to Danvers event the day before.


Regardless, this Sunday is July’s Coffee & Classics. The “BS” is not for the fact that members voted to drop the Featured Marque, but for the unique opportunity to meet the famous Burt “BS” Levy. Most of us know Burt and are very familiar with his iconic book The Last Open Road as well as his track side antics.




Burt’s latest novels include,  “Montezuma’s Ferrari,” “The Fabulous Trashwagen,” “Toly’s Ghost,” “The 200 MPH Steamroller,” and “Potside Companion.”  You can learn more about Burt Levy, and watch his Jay Leno interview at www.lastopenroad.com.

Burt will be at Round Table Books right in the thick of everything on Lincoln. So please stop in and say hello as well as browse RTBs collection.

Other Winnetka merchants will be also be open for Coffee & Classics. So if the Mrs. has been reluctant to join the gathering in the past, this Sunday might change her mind.




Back to the Featured Marque, yes Fuelfed members were asked to vote on keeping or dropping the Featured Marque after many felt C&C lost the special “mix” that has made it the premier classic European focused gathering outside of Los Angeles. Hundreds of great suggestions and view points, but most drivers want to see an Alfa next to a Bugatti, rather than a 911S next to a 911RS. So the Featured Marque is now retired with the exception of September C&C, where there will be special parking on Elm for Ferraris per a long standing agreement.

We will revert back to our traditional format with parking as assigned in the below map. (click to enlarge)





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