The Road America Historics This Weekend


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.59.16 PM


Yes! This weekend is  the Historics at Road America. Ok that’s what we call it anyway, as the event name seems to change every year. Hawk, BRIC, Kohler Invitational…it should really be called the Fuelfed Gathering. Regardless, this weekend is only second to Monterey weekend here in the US.

Friday night is the race car parade into downtown Elkhart. Starting around 5:30, speed limits are dropped and most of the weekend’s entrants make their way up highway 67, open exhausts and unburnt race fuel filling the air. Absolutely glorious!!!! Lake street around Siebkens transforms into party central until dusk when the exit parade starts up. Open exhausts and unburnt race fuel filling the air once again.


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 6.05.57 PM


If Steve McQueen is your hero and you’ve never been to RA for the Historics, you’ve been driving a mini van too long and need to man-up. Tell the wife this Saturday is an emergency octane fix and come see what the King of Cool really drove.

Fuelfed will have our blue tent down at Turn 1 Saturday morning, then relocating to Lake street by 3:30 for the concours. Stop by and say hello and grab a bottle of water and Fuelfed window decal.

For those going up Saturday morning, there will be a small caravan of classics gathering at the Lake Forest Oasis on the 94 tollway. Departure time is 8:00am. Mr “lead foot” himself, the engaging and founding Fuelfed member Todd B. will guide you on your journey north. Be warned: that a diversion to Comet Café may be in order as you pass Milwaukee.




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