Fuelfed Member Profile: Bo Danenberger




What can we say about Bo Danenberger? The guy’s witnessed it all, from the birth of post-war motorsports and F1, to cocktails with Phil Hill and a free Citroen DS. We caught up with Bo at his Livery last March to experience first hand his elusive collection in rural Illinois.






The talented Chicago-based ShiftFocus Productions was as eager as we were to spend the day with Bo.

With video gear in tow, we made the journey to down to Danvers with Bo’s son, Sam.

We met up with Bo for lunch at the corner Vault Tavern for a burger and beer and typical Bo quick-witted banter. Afterwards, we got the $.05 tour with Sam, while the video crew set-up.




The Livery is about the details and every detail has a story. Bo has lived the Fuelfed spirit his whole life and his Livery holds court for that passion every day. You see, Bo is like a shepard herding the lost, forgotten or misunderstood European classics cubbied away in barns, out-buildings or factories. Forget Wayne Carini and Chasing Classic Cars, Bo is the original Godfather of Patina®. He always has been. He doesn’t do it for the money or status. He does it because that’s what has always been Bo.






We sat Bo right in the middle of the Livery and let him reflect on the nuances of car culture past, future & Fuelfed. Watch the two videos below and we think you’ll get a very small idea of the very big story that is Bo Danenberger.

Bo gives his take on Fuelfed Coffee & Classics.


ShiftFocus did a great job of capturing the essence of Bo and his Livery.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 7.42.19 PM




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