Fuelfed Spontaneous Combustion Surprise!




We had our private member Spontaneous Combustion last night in Glencoe. Lots of great people and cars, but one stands out as the surprise classic. Yes it’s the mysterious Ferrari 250TR last spotted by Fuelfed member George K. being flat-bedded on the Kennedy last winter. No, it’s not a fake nor a kit car, but a real 1956 factory race 250 Testa Rossa with it’s tight V12.

Now for some ear porn.



Not to be over shadowed, the Gullwing and Batmobile held up the German glamour.




fuelfed-ferrari-250tr-interiorTriumph-TR6-v8Fuelfed-alfa-guliettafuelfed-gullwing-dashFerrari-250TR-gearshiftfuelfed-mustang-gt350fuelfed-e-typeFuelfed-911fuelfed-morrisFuelfed-bmw-2002Ferrari-250tr-enginefuelfed-356 fuelfed-corvette-427Fuelfed-mercedes



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