FFotW: 1980 Euro BMW 635csi, $2200



Posted 5.31.13

We don’t think the owner knows what this is. If in fact, it is as it appears, this Euro coupe is a great entry into collector status.

The owner states:

1980 635csi. The engine has been modified with j&e pistons, high performance cam. Could use some fine tuning to the fueling. Decent interior. Believed to be Alpina original rims with new tires.

47,000 all original miles on car.

Clean title, drive it home today.


For more info call 847-691-576zero | Chicago

Email the seller here.






6 Responses to “FFotW: 1980 Euro BMW 635csi, $2200”

  1. bmw325_num99 Says:

    I went to see this car two weeks ago. I walked away. Great part out project but rust made the bodywork and restoration cost prohibitive. Engine runs but runs rich. Owner seemed like a great guy and I would have had no problem striking a deal with him if I owned a body shop. Interior is nice. Paint faded. Great headlamp washers. 1980 was a great year for this euro motor but with internal work done to it it was too big of a question mark to me. Good luck to seller. He seems like a nice guy with a sweet lincoln continental parked next to the BMW.

  2. pokrefke Says:

    I checked this out Memorial Day weekend. I stuck my hand under the driver’s side floorboard and felt the underside of the carpet. The rust was that bad. On top of that the engine had been turbo’ed at some point with some engine modifications (custom pistons) and a turbo boost controller sticking out of the dash.
    It would be a great car if someone wanted a serious project but with the rust and the questionable mods I didn’t even make an offer.

  3. dimitrios paraskevoulakos Says:

    What ever happened with this car does anyone know? Thanks

  4. bmw325_num99 Says:

    No idea

    • pokrefke Says:

      I kind of wish it was still available. I’d put the engine back to stock and drop it + the transmission into my 733i

  5. DP Says:

    i have a really nice 733i bmw for sale right now if interested email me at overdoz@sbcglobal.net

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