The New Porsche Driver or Where is the Peter Schutz of Today?




While most followers of Fuelfed are owners, or at least fans of the 911, now it seems Porsche is more focused on pushing further away from it’s roots.

Still, such moves can go only so far, some Porsche sports car enthusiasts say. “Today a Porsche customer is much more likely to be a soccer mom driving a Cayenne who has no understanding of what the 911 is or was, and the people who believe in the Porsche mystique—they are fewer and fewer,” said Peter De Lorenzo, automotive advertising executive and Porsche owner.

He calls the company’s efforts to court both factions of customers “a delicate balancing act.” But at some point, he adds, “Porsche and its [Volkswagen] overlords are going to have to make a conscious choice between more volume and profit and retaining the essence of the brand.”


Porsche claims the profits from SUV sales are being poured back into sports car development and driver experience programs. Yep, the Panamera is the new Porsche sports car. The flappy paddles and safety nannies really make for engaging connectivity. It’ll make you the master of the track in your own mind.

You’d think Porsche would have learned their lesson on marketing from the 928.




For the politically balanced opinion, the Wall Street Journal has a nice write up on what Porsche is trying to do about their image.




For the Fuelfed purist, this is the closest Porsche should have gotten to soccer mom road appliances.



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