Coffee & Classics This Sunday, April 28th





6 Responses to “Coffee & Classics This Sunday, April 28th”

  1. Jean Trnka Says:

    Great turnout this morning, Brian. A really different assortment of rare European beauties. Lots of people, too. I think Cafe Aroma will need wall stretchers and definitely more tables.

  2. jcandido Says:

    My first Coffee & Classics could only have been better if the sun had broken through. It was great meeting everyone. What a bunch of nice people and what a cool event. Already looking forward to the next one.

  3. David rabjohns Says:

    Great event. Thanks

  4. Tim E, Norwood Park Says:

    First visit out there past sunday. Family enjoyed it, because of the Messerschmidt. I loved the older 911’s and was surprised to see the number of Jags. Now, was that Gullwing the real deal, the $800K car I read about? SInce I’ve only beeen reading Fuelfed for about 3 months (got here through the link from BAT), I can only guess that the founder of Fuelfed is also the driver of the gorgeous red 1985 Turbo. I’ll be back to visit next time, and the time after that.

    • The Driver Says:


      Glad you enjoyed the gathering. Talk to the attendees is better than looking at their cars…most of the time.
      Yes that was a real Gullwing and a real Victress. Maybe the owner will his other red Gullwing to mix it up.
      We wish we had that red Turbo, but Mario won’t sell. Looking forward to seeing it rip on TFD13.1 this weekend. We drive the black 3.2.

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