FFotW: 1974 Jensen Healey Mark II, $2500



Posted 4.23.13


Here you go. How about a Jensen Healey Mk II? When was the last time you saw one of these on the road? Ok two weeks ago, but we seem to luck out in our car spottings. $2500 seems low, but you never know…

The seller states:

Only 7k of these made. Lotus engine, Getrag 5-speed transmission, Girling brakes-made in England. This car had a complete restoration approx 10 years ago

New: valves,starter, alternator, radiator, water pump, slave cylinder, shocks, BF Goodrich tires, master cylinder, fuel pump, zinc-lined gas tank, plugs-wires-coil, carbs rebuilt.




Includes the original factory service manual. No rust and no dents. Exterior is in very good condition. Complete restoration done approx 10 years ago and car turns over but does not start. Soft top was replaced 10 years ago when the resoration was done. the hard top is also included.

Call/text 847897802zero

Located in the NW Suburbs of Chicago.





2 Responses to “FFotW: 1974 Jensen Healey Mark II, $2500”

  1. Jim Says:

    Did you ever sell the Jensen Healey. If so, could I ask what you got for it? I’m looking to buy one and need to find out what I might be spending.

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