Issetta Track Tool



Two years ago we were at Putnam Park for a Porsche driving event. While waiting for the driver’s meeting to commence, I was checking out the pictures on the walls. I never forgot this one. The phrase “The older I get, the faster I was” comes to mind.





One Response to “Issetta Track Tool”

  1. Jim Janecek Says:

    I was actually at that event with my Isetta, at the invitation of the BMW-CCA of which I was not a member at the time!

    It was one of the hottest days of the year to be driving air-cooled vehicles and thanks to the reverse-H pattern of the shifter on the left side and the excitement of being on a race track with a vehicle with a top speed of 52 mph, I downloaded to 2nd rather than upshifted to 4th which caused some valve float thanks to a set of valve springs that were “good enough” but not quite, which in turn caused the head gasket to blow, which in turn caused the engine to blow oil on the track and me to lose enough power (both engine and will) to pack it in for the day. My car is not in that photo.

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