Retro the Right Way



The new Beetle, new Mini Cooper, new Thunderbird, Challenger, Camaro etc…They all get lost in translation in our opinion.

Introducing the Vintech P550 Tribute (Porsche 550) from France. It has a full carbon fiber body, a 270 hp 3.0L engine, 5-speed and weights 1,300lbs.

You know what?  It works! Is it loyal to Porsche? No. It copies the 300sl Gullwing doors & RSK rear-end to make a Frankenfurter of a little squirt.

We’ll take ours with black seats please.


Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 4.53.06 PM





One Response to “Retro the Right Way”

  1. bmw325_num99 Says:

    I think just the body weighs 1200 lbs add the engine, trans, interior, suspension, etc. Still, its pretty impressive. I am curious where the engine comes from.

    They did a great job with the body. Make mine with center exhaust exit!

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