FFotW: 1976 Jaguar XJ12L

Posted 3.20.13

Here’s another great Jaguar with a big 12 cylinder heart. Somehow the robins egg blue works on this cats sleek lines.

Owners writes: 4 Door California car, runs clean engine long body, New tires, new dash wooden, new leather seats, new rug, clean.

219.201.403two leave message or 219.241.309two. Ask for Mike.

Car is located in Valpo, IN



3E33N53Hb5L75Ff5H7d2s560f425275091f20 3E53M13H95G45Kf5J7d2s4a08f838385f11fb 3G33I33J85Nd5G15M1d2s5ee437e81d571458 3n43K13Na5La5E35J6d2s26fc72592e6618cf 3K73F43pd5Nd5Lf5G6d2s81b4c62ebd751ec7



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