FFotW: 1970 BMW 2000 Sedan



Posted: 2.15.2013


This week we have a very special offering from one of our own. Anybody who has been to Coffee & Classics in the past three years will recognize this minty and very rare 1970 BMW 2000 sedan. We’ve personally known (and driven) this concours level sedan over the years and can assure the discerning collector will not be disappointed. Price is comessurate with condition.


What the owner has to say:

1970 BMW 2000 Sedan Series II

VIN:1150350 ca.

Two careful BMW enthusiast owners from new. The car is not restored but fastidiously maintained from new. It has attended many events including three Vintage at the Vineyards – ’09, ’10 and ’11.




The car comes with many spares and extra parts, including but not limited to; A new set of .50mm over, high compression European pistons. Two spare transmissions with Borg Warner synchros as well as the original transmission with Porsche syncros.




Recently installed are new front retractable seat belts as well as new rear lap belts, new clutch, as well as new front brakes and a new windshield. The car also comes with an extra set of unfinished 5.5 inch wheels and a set of 175 Michelin XAS vintage tires to mount on them.




The car will also be sold with a BMW factory service manual, complete owners folio with an extra owners manual, original sales brochure and all the records I have amassed during my ownership. This car has been at the center of my automotive enthusiasm for more than thirteen years and I believe I have done very well by this car. I feel prospective buyers will agree.

Email him here.


Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

BMW-Neue-Klasse-20 BMW-Neue-Klasse-4 BMW-Neue-Klasse-5 BMW-Neue-Klasse-18 BMW-Neue-Klasse-16 BMW-Neue-Klasse-10 BMW-Neue-Klasse-3 BMW-Neue-Klasse-1 BMW-Neue-Klasse-17 BMW-Neue-Klasse-7 BMW-Neue-Klasse-14 BMW-Neue-Klasse-19BMW-Neue-Klasse-13BMW-Neue-Klasse-11BMW-Neue-Klasse-6.BMW-Neue-Klasse-8BMW-Neue-Klasse-9


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  1. bmw325_num99 Says:

    This car is on Bring a Trailer!

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