FFotW: 1960 Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite. $7000



Posted 2.6.2013


This week finds us with a cute and happy faced Healey Sprite for sale out in Batavia, IL. This precursor to the MG Midget defines small, minimal and British fun. Heck, you just want to go up to it and give it a big hug. The orange crazed paint and center stripe aside, this is a classic that is sure to always bring a crowd wherever it’s parked.


The seller writes:

This Bug Eye is a blast to drive and always gives me thumbs up form the public. This car is not perfect. It is rust free with lots of upgrades. The motor is a 1098 cc with a upgraded weber sidedraft carb. The motor does leak oil and will needed to be freshened up. Transmission is a upgraded rib case that is a little noisy in first gear, but I do have a newly rebuilt ribcase that will be sold with the car. Current brakes are the standard drums on all 4 corners, I do have the calipers and spindles to do a disk break conversion. Paint job is a newer one, previous owner painted over the older laquer paint, so there is orange peel effect that can be seen. The front hood has been converted to a forward tilt hood. Suspension has been upgraded with Spax adjustable shocks. The soft top is in good shape with a small tear in the back corner. I want to be totally honest with any potential buyers, if you have any questions what so ever….PLEASE CALL! 630-918-15 zero five

Email him here.


Fuelfed-Sprite-side Fuelfed-Sprite-engine Fuelfed-Sprite-Dash Fuelfed-Sprite-interior Fuelfed-Sprite-seats Fuelfed-Sprite-paint



2 Responses to “FFotW: 1960 Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite. $7000”

  1. Skipping Stars Productions LLC Says:

    Reblogged this on Vintage Car Connection.

  2. Mike P Says:

    What is the current status of this car for sale?

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