FFotW: 1974 BMW 2002tii



Posted 1.24.2013

This Fuelfed Find of the Week comes from a local fan who wants to make sure his long term baby goes to a deserving home and fellow Fuelfed brother. This isn’t just another BMW 2002tii. This one has been loved forever by a Skokie enthusiast and maintained by the famous DPS Motorwerks. Yes, the very DPS that works on our personal FUELFEM pastel blue 2002. If DPS recommends this car, you know it’s a must see.

Some specifics provided by the owner.

1974 BMW 2002tii with 74k miles, stored for several years. It has a solid clean body & runs great. The valve train still looks brand new, recent clutch, new front steering & suspension components, Bilsteins, Nardi steering wheel & period specific alarm & electronic accessories still intact. The original rear shock towers in excellent condition.


Mention Fuelfed when contacting him.





2 Responses to “FFotW: 1974 BMW 2002tii”

  1. jcandido Says:

    Nice tii. I recently moved to the north shore from CA with my ’72 tii and have been looking for a mechanic who knows these cars. How can I learn more about DPS Motorwerks?

  2. Howard Yefsky Says:

    Hi Brian Thanks for the lead. I emailed the seller and hope to hear from him Like to see the car and get more info about it. While I was hoping for a ’72/’73 Tii, I’d consider the right ’74. Howard Yefsky

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