The Rugged Beast That was Land Rover




Having been an owner of three Range Rover Classics in the past eight years, I’ve come to respect the fundamentals on which they were built.

Yes, the Lucas electronics were what you’d expect, but the beautiful body shape is second to none…even today, IMO. They were designed to take you to the game…as in hunting for deer in the woods, not as in soccer. They weren’t far from military grade tanks that could go anywhere at 75mph.

But all this goodness started with the Series I, II & III. The above 1960’s commercial does a great job of bringing to light where the greatest “4 X 4 X FAR” mantra started. Something Land Rovers new parent Tata, should never lose sight of.



2 Responses to “The Rugged Beast That was Land Rover”

  1. Howard Yefsky Says:

    Hi Brian Here’s one for you and the group Howard

    For all you Mini Cooper/car lovers out there! Only the British could pull this off so well…………. Wonderful British commercial…click below………

  2. Michael Scott Says:

    Owned a Cooper S for years but could never talk my wife into the Defender. That was a tough choice.

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