Ferrari 250TR or Not?


UPDATE: Fuelfed member Lee P. added some interesting info and photos to our earlier post.

“Not sure if this is the same car, but this one was recently serviced by Giovanni D’Avola at AutoSprint recently…either way, it’s a stunning car, and quite a shock to see it on an open transport in Chicago, this time of year!”

Happy New Year,

– Lee

Ferrari-250TR-garage Ferrari-250TR




Fuelfed member George K. seems to pop up a lot in recent posts. And yet again he finds something interesting roaming the streets of Chicago.




George sent us these shots as he was following a flatbed on the Kennedy that appeared to be carrying a vintage Ferrari 250TR. As much as we want to believe it was the real deal, some subtle styling cues give away its guise. Besides, we doubt a $12,000,000 investment would ever see such exposed primitive transport. 

But what if…?






One Response to “Ferrari 250TR or Not?”

  1. The Driver Says:

    It appears to be the same car. It has the same yellow placard between the drivers door and front fender as well as the red tape on the roll bar. Could this be a real 250TR?!

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