FFotW: 1976 Jaguar XJ 122, $4900



Posted: 12.27.2012

We’ve never owned a Jaguar, but have admired XJs, XKs & E-Types forever. This 12 cylinder long wheelbase sports the 5.3L 285hp bruiser engine and should scoot with the dignity and grace a big cat should. The lines of these earlier cars are still semi- unspoiled by BLs big bumper foibles. What an under-valued classic…for now!


Sellers words;

1976 Jaguar XJ122 emerald green with saddle interior. Very good condition inside and out. Recent starter, fuel pump, and battery. The passenger side of the car is fine its just against the wall so hard to get a good shot 4,900.

Adam 773 671-76 seven 6.  Email the seller (mention Fuelfed)

Car is located in Chicago


Jaguar-XJ-122-front Jaguar-XJ-122-back





3 Responses to “FFotW: 1976 Jaguar XJ 122, $4900”

  1. frankee Says:

    Nice shape, colour, & rims. Every part is shining…amazing!

  2. thorsen Says:

    This is for sale again down in Monee. The seller has is listed for anywhere between $3k – $3.5k. His mechanic told him one of the rear calipers was leaking but you’ll probably need to add a master cylinder and brake hoses to your shopping list too. The left steering rack boot was torn and fluid was leaking from it so it’s going to either need a new boot or probably a new rack. Cam covers looked liked they needed new seals and the fan clutch sounded like it was stuck in the max cooling position. The owner did spend $800 for a new Lucas ignition amp – why he didn’t go with a $100 Petronix is a mystery to me.
    One fuel tank works and the other is “condiiton unknown” which tells me it probably needs to be replaced.
    The doors all had some rust bubbles and there was some funkiness with the driver’s floorboard. It almost looked liked the metal was ripped but I didn’t investigate.
    The owner told me to look at the inside back panel of the trunk to see how solid it was. I did – and there was rust bubbling underneath the holes for mounting the emblems.
    The interior was fair/good condition. The front headrests were soft from the deteriorating foam. The front seats had a nice patina but the back seat felt weird – maybe it was dry-rotted?
    He wants $3k for it. He listed it on eBay earlier this month and the top bid was $2,050. I offered $2,500 and hoped he would say no. He says he’s going to part the car and keep the engine/transmission for a rat rod project.
    All in all, the car looks very nice until you start looking closer. The British Racing Green, louvered hood, and low stance makes the car look great. In pictures, the car looks phenomenal and you’re ready to bring it home. When you start looking at the details you wake up.

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