Fuelfed Holiday Wishes and the Spirit of George



We want to thank all those who have enriched Fuelfed with their camaraderie and have helped grow Coffee & Classics into the North Shores’s most exclusive Classic European car gathering.

There are so many drivers to thank, but we want to thank one driver who typifies what the whole Fuelfed spirit is about. George K. has been a member since the very first Coffee & Classics in September of 2010. In fact, George was there at 8:30am and the very first car at the very first gathering. The green E-Type Roadster with its quad tip Ansa barking out the glorious 4.2 liter notes. We won’t forget it and it set the benchmark for what was to come and come they did.




George has tried to make to every Fuelfed event he can. Overcoming a trick knee and classic Jaguar maladies. Always seeking us out to say hello and help in any way he can. Fast forward to October 2012 at the final Spontaneous Combusion in Plaza del Lago, it was warm night that quickly turned to winter by the end of the evening. George was there with 32 other drivers. He seeks me out to say hello as usual, and hands me a heavy pizza box. He tells me to be very careful with it. Of course I had to open right then. A crowd of drivers start to gather around me as I reveal a hand made stained glass Fuelfed sign crafted by his friend in Chicago. George goes on to say that he and many other drivers are grateful for the camaraderie Coffee & Classics and Fuelfed brings and this is a small token of appreciation for our efforts. The drivers all start clapping as I hold it up. Yes, my eyes started tearing.





We’ve always said it’s about the people and giving back. George is what Fuelfed is about and aren’t the holidays are what George is about?




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