Back in 1998 at Blackhawk Farms





It’s hard to believe it’s been fifteen years since my first PCA DE event. Chris J. and I spent many late nights working our cars in what was to become the first Fuelfed garage behind 4263 N. Oakley Ave. in Chicago. Little did we know this would quickly become a slippery slop into poverty as every penny we made got poured into our burgeoning track addiction.




Chris quickly adapted to very high speed late apexing and heel and toeing. Either Chris had a God-given talent or his 944 Turbo had 400+hp. For months he revelled in the fact that he could catch almost anything on the track. Then the dreaded #2 bearing spun in the carasel at Blackhawk Farms. The oil pressure light came on, but Chris kept pushing. You can guess the rest.

The car ended up at Midwest Eurosport for Brian & George to go over the engine. Turns out the 944 had a stuck waste gate spring and it was in fact, pumping out 400hp. Unfortunately, the engine was toast and it was then sold.




My 1973 911S with an RS bend (which I greatly regret selling) and I soldered on alone. I was much more mechanically sympathetic than Chris, but this in turn, didn’t award me with the fastest lap times. I faithfully obeyed the slow-in-fast-out 911 mantra, but the big money Porsche boys with their 993 Turbos had no patience for my 25 year old classic and my novice skill set.




I spent most of my time pointing drivers by on every straight, on every track I availed. And so it was in the summer of 1998.

In 1999 things changed and revenge would be mine…




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