The Best Historic Video of Road America Ever!


<p><a href=”″>Road America 1958</a> from <a href=”″>Roger Johnson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>.

One of our long time Fuelfed drivers Paul D. found this jewel of a video chronicling what it’s like the drive in a race at Road America. The beauty is in that it was shot in 1958 with the classic American commentary you’d expect from a period piece. Amazing how the “kink” wasn’t an issue as cars couldn’t go fast enough to get themselves in trouble with lift off over steer.

We also find it interesting it hasn’t changed much in 55 years. Yes the tower has changed and amrco is everywhere, but the course is identical and that same familiar oak tree exiting turn three is still there. Another interesting tidbit is that a lot of those same Italian, German and British sportscars can be seen doing the same thing they did half a century ago every May, July and September.



3 Responses to “The Best Historic Video of Road America Ever!”

  1. Howard Yefsky Says:

    Great video. Thanks Brian. Just returned from inaugural USGP F1 race in Austin Texas. Great race, fantastic venue


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  2. Mark David Bell Says:

    That was fantastic… great to see Road America in its purest from before the guardrails, fencing, etc. Kind of a nice reminder of what got us into this hobby in the first place!

  3. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    I have a home video(1951-52?) of the races though the streets if anyone is interested……………

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