2200 Miles in 120 Hours with My Citroen SM



Fuelfed brother Andy D. drives his Citroen SM daily. He also does all the repairs and maintenance himself in a two car brick garage. I spent a little time with him at the last Spontaneous Combusion at Plaza del Lago as he pointed out some interesting features about the SM. I personally liked the groovey 1970’s pleated leather seats. They reminded me of my father’s design studio Eames furniture. Anyway, he sent us this quick message that put a smile on my face.

“Thanks for all your work on Coffee & Classics gatherings!  The last one kept getting better and better…F40, then the Miura, and then the Bugatti shows up!  It’s been another fun year and I look forward to next.”



“I had to go to Colorado for some family stuff, and I decided it was a good time to drive in comfort. 2,200 miles in 5 days. I did the trip there straight through, so that was 1,100 miles only stopping for gas.

I left on Tuesday at 6am and arrived in Colorado Springs at 10:30pm. The 75 mph speed limit in Nebraska was much appreciated and ever so slightly exceeded. Not a single problem the whole trip!”
Now that’s a proper classic car enthusiast!


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