Before the CD Player, There Were…CD Players


I remember back in 1986 when I first saw the first in-car CD player. Wow! One could jump from track to track at touch of a button. No hissing, FF, RW buttons and waiting. It was a revelation. I missed the 8 track craze of the 1970’s less the Black Sabbath cassette living under the seat of my MGB-GT in high school. So digital CDs were high-tech by 1986.

Or were they?



Here’s the late-great George Harrison back in 1964 with his E-Type. He is feeding the then, high-tech Philips Auto-Mignon a 45. It too, could jump from track to track (with a stabilized stylus) with a touch of a button or a bump in the road.

Gotta wonder what 45 George was slipping in the player… “Not a Second Time”?






2 Responses to “Before the CD Player, There Were…CD Players”

  1. jorgeperedo Says:

    :O What an awesome thing!! As a Beatles fan, I can hardly believe I didn’t know this! 😛 What if he played the whole “With the Beatles” album? 😉

  2. Alex Says:

    My grandfather had a mid 60s (’64? ’65?) Lincoln Continental with a similar 45 rpm record player which was a dealer installed accessory at the time. Very cool.

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