FFotW: 1961 Triumph Herald $4500

Ad posted 9.20.2012

It’s that’s time of the year when the car market gets flooded with summer cast-offs. The “that was fun, but I don’t want to pay for storage” excuse or “I never drove the car all summer. I might as well sell it” apathy. Either way, there’s some interesting buys on offer.

Here’s one: a 1961 Triumph Herald in pink/mauve with white bumper inserts. Hmmm…no pictures were provided of the interior but it’s a clean car non-the-less and well worth a look-see. $4500 seems spot on.

The ad reads:

Runs good, all original, covertible top, no rust or dents. Needs some minor work, but is test drive ready!

Please call Andy for any other further information, @ (262)496-492one.

Kenosha, WI




One Response to “FFotW: 1961 Triumph Herald $4500”

  1. Tim Olson Says:

    Thanks for the tip on this car. Because of it is an orphan of an orphan car, I purchased it and plan a complete restoration over the next couple of years. It is the second oldest Triumph Herald known to exist. It sat most unused in a garage for many years so while the outside may look nice, the underside, engine, trans, etc., will need complete restoration. You can follow the progress at http://www.61herald.com.

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