2012 Pebble Beach Winner Driving the Roads of Wisconsin



Now here’s something you’ll never see again. This 1951 Ferrari 212 Export Touring Berlinetta was driven down from Minneapolis to watch the VSCDA historics at Road America last weekend. The Caulfields aren’t afraid to drive their classics as Enzo intended. Who cares if it won it’s class at Pebble Beach a few weeks earlier.



Our Fuelfed associate Bill H. in Elkhart Lake always plays host at his weekend home to some of the best exotics to grace Lake Street. This 212 Berlinetta has to top them all.

The weather wasn’t playing fair at the track on Sunday. So what’s one to do with the races on hold? Yeah that’s right, you drive anyway! And that’s exactly what Fuelfed members Geoff G. and Sam D. did, as they joined Bill and the Caulfields on a drive out to Bill’s old Creamery building for kicks. 84 year old Tom drove his Ferrari with verve as he did back when it was new.

Now that’s the Fuelfed Spirit! Vivere la vita!.


Special thanks to Geoff for sharing his pictures with the Fuelfed community.


One Response to “2012 Pebble Beach Winner Driving the Roads of Wisconsin”

  1. Daniel Lee Maas Says:

    0108E was delivered April 23rd 1951. 1952 is an error. Thanks

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