FFotW: 1972 Mercedes 250C with a Buddy Riding Shot Gun



Posted 9.3.12

Now here’s something you don’t see advertised everyday. Yes the vintage coupe is rare enough, but read the whole ad.

The ad reads:

Up for sale is a 1972 Mercedes Benz 250C, that’s in nice condition and runs good. The car has been garage kept and has many replaced, new major parts. The new parts list are as follows: New tires, new gas pedal, complete new exhaust system, 2 new carburetors (Zenith), new air-conditioner compressor, new starter, new alternator, new ignition coil, new belts, new fans (original and secondary), Blaupunkt CD player, remote, and 6 new speakers, SIRUS radio installed also (with remote), new battery, new distributor cap and rotor, new wires and plugs, recent tune up, fresh oil change, new fuel pump and filters, engine professionally rebuilt at 100,000 miles, new hoses, new water pump, fluid change. Transmission works fine and shifts smooth. Heater works great, air-conditioner works good too. Glass good all around. All power windows work, dash lights are out, along with dome lights, but all other electrical works.



What it does need: Needs new rheostat switch (dimmer) for dash lights. Idle adjustment (idles a little high), (might need front pads soon), one rear quarter panel hints at past filler work (see pictures), Please don’t bother emailing me, I won’t respond to them! If you’re interested call me at 224-572-1191and leave a message!




Trunk is solid, with no rust, or holes and is faithfully in service, as you can see from pictures. The OEM rubber padding is still in trunk, and in good shape, along with original tire iron and jack, (both mounted). All flooring is solid too, with new condition carpeting throughout. Interior also in real good condition, with no tears in anything. Bottom of car is in good, clean condition also. Small 3 inch crack in dash (see photos). The black leather interior is in real nice condition, and all seats are firm, without damage. The headliner is very clean without damage also. All exterior lights work, as do all instrumentation (except clock and dash lights). Spare, new tire in trunk, with OEM Hubcap.



I think it’s only fair to warn you, that this car is believed to be extremely haunted, but the car always starts and the Ghost, or Ghosts seem to be friendly and no threat. It was owned once by a man that absolutely loved this vehicle, and took very good care of it. The car gets alot of stares, questions and attention too. It’s been rumored the old man that originally owned it has been seen sitting in the car from time to time, but I’ve seen nothing yet. The car does always feel like you’re riding with others, even when it’s just the driver in it, but it’s a warm feeling and not a creepy one. It kind of feels like you’re taking “Grandpaw” out for a Sunday ride.. Other than that, nothing has happened since I’ve owned it; except I did see a strange blue glow inside the vehicle one night, and to this day don’t know what it was. I believe maybe the old man just wants to stay around his car, and seems to be a good luck charm, as far as keeping the car accident free and running good, without breakdowns. He put many new parts on the car doing preventive maintenance and it hums down the road like a Mercedes Benz should… Please don’t bother emailing me, as I won’t respond. If you’re interested call me at 224-572-119two.


The Mercedes is located in Antioch, IL



One Response to “FFotW: 1972 Mercedes 250C with a Buddy Riding Shot Gun”

  1. thorsen Says:

    This was my old car. I saved it from a trip to the crusher and spent the 2007/2008 winter restoring her. I made time-lapse videos of all the work: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=thor-in-2004+250c
    There’s also a brief before/after series here:

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