FFotW: 1982 Porsche 928, 5 Speed, $5800


Posted: 8.30.2012

Here we go. The late great Porsche 928. Classic early ’80s metallic bronze green with tan leather interior. What do you know: it’s a 5 speed. These great cars are so under valued, now is the time to make a smart investment for a future blue chip collector. Don’t be afraid.

The owners ad reads:

1982 Porsche 928, 48K on the odometer (who knows how long that’s been broke), probably more like 58-68K. I’ve had it for 4 yrs. It’s been a lot of fun and not much trouble at all. It’s a 5-speed, 4.5L, front engine, water cooled V-8 (non-interference) engine. Tires are newish. Runs very well, terrible on gas and a dream,..tearing through the corners. Color is “light metallic bronze”. If you know what a “shark” is,..then I don’t need to get into detail here, just come and drive it.

Grand Rapids, MI, 616 550 090seven


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