Charlie the Protector



The Fuelfed garage was closed for a much needed R&R on the sunny shores of Sawyer, MI all last week.

While cruising Red Arrow Highway in the early evenings for another interesting dinner spot, we stumbled upon a custom fabrication shop tucked back off the the road. I thought I saw a Kelmark GT on a jig, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t a Ferrari or something exotic just sitting out in the open rotting. We pulled into the gravel lot and the dogs locked in the shop started barking at a fevered pitch. I walked over to the fiberglass shell, but it still didn’t look exactly like a the traditional Kelmark GT, but it was definately a rotting kit car. Then, out popped a scrappy little black & white alley cat. I quickly named him Charlie and he proceeded to follow me back to the car. He was the friendliest little car guy I’ve met in years. So much so, I debated with the wife that we should invite him back to Chicago with us. We finally agreed he was there for a purpose and we should let him continue on with his mouse hunting duties.

We decided to go back and look for him two days later. If he was there and he came up to the Bimmer, we would bring him home with us.
He wasn’t.



One Response to “Charlie the Protector”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Junkyard dogs I know…………………… but a junkyard cat?

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