June 2012 Coffee & Classics Recap



After we got in trouble for upsetting commuters’ trek home at the last Evening Coffee & Classics, we worked out a plan with Winnetka’s finest to keep things civil and safe. We now have Lincoln blocked from Pine south to Elm with police barricades. And we think it helped a lot. Only classics were allowed in and the door-dinging mini vans kept out. Enthusiasts and spectators were able to move about without caution to traffic.



Classics filled both sides all the way up Lincoln. Several shop owners opened early to entice the less interested spectators in.

But the real thrill is the continued high level of European classics that continue to amaze. Each month brings 50% different cars. We’ve been told that no other Chicagoland show (remember we’re not a show, but an enthusiast gathering) pulls the varied European metal out like Fuelfed Coffee & Classics. AMG Hammer, BMW M1, Audi UR quattro Sport & Lambo…all in concours unrestored condition. It was a 1980’s super car love-fest.

We were very, very fortunate to be able to test the UR quattro Sport up Sheridan Rd. through the Ravines. Bucket list item #16…check!
Thank you Mr. D.



Lest we forget 300sls, Porsche RSRs, 356s, Alfas, E-types and finally some Healeys…



We’re very appreciative of the those who continue to support our efforts to bring to the North Shore a special place for enthusiasts of European classics to gather, network and drink…coffee. Some traveled from as far as Milwaukee. Some from as far south as Peoria. All for two hours of like-minded camaraderie.





42 Responses to “June 2012 Coffee & Classics Recap”

  1. luxuryfashion30 Says:

    so many beautiful cars!!!!!!! I love both!

  2. Alyssa Says:

    Great display of cars; this is by far the best post I’ve seen today that is about cars. Congrats by the way on making this post to freshly pressed. 😀

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  3. Remaja Says:

    Nice Article

  4. Seb Says:

    The 300SL is a glorious car. I had the pleasure of driving a 300SL roadster – just like the one in your picture – to a buyer Phoenix once, after rescuing it from some pretty desperate circumstances from a garage in LA. It was like driving in a dream!

  5. Peter j Foster Says:

    I used to own a Mark 1 ‘Frog-eye’ Austin Healey Sprite.
    Boy, I wish I still had that car! Love your pictures; so good to see a few British cars amongst them.

  6. royby Says:

    Beautiful autos

  7. Imaginarium of Pau Says:

    Cars are one of my interests. I’m not a collector though (no money for that :)). I’m just fond of looking at cars, and classics are just awesome. Thanks for sharing cool snaps! 🙂

  8. nxero Says:

    Those cars rock!!!

  9. Lindsay Says:

    gorgeous cars. love the 300SL!!

  10. Morton Design Works Says:

    NOTHING beats a summertime car show. Yours looked like it had some incredible classics. I live in car country Southern California, and yet I’m super jealous…ha ha ha. We have a few really, really good shows here too, but I can never have enough. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. segmation Says:

    Love your awesome digital pictures and blog. What a neat lime green porsche! Which is your favorite classic car? Thanks for sharing. http://www.segmation.wordpress.com

  12. Nick Says:

    I love that Cougar Eliminator! Awesome car! I’m quite the car lover myself. If you have some time check out my post on the 2012 Detroit Autorama.

  13. Constance V. Walden Says:

    Great toys. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  14. twv2 Says:

    Ohhhh that red 380sl is simply magical. I have lusted after a red 280 sl with cream upholstery and a pagoda roof for two decades now and I am determined to get it one day soon. Beautiful timeless classics here.

  15. Richard McCargar Says:

    Wonderful photos.

  16. Alex Mills Says:

    Awesome stuff!

  17. fashionregion05 Says:

    I love that Cougar Eliminator too! Awesome car!

  18. wedgeintheround Says:

    Love the Alfa!

  19. thevikingmikeblog Says:

    Nice very nice

  20. asoulwalker Says:

    Coffee and Classics… what a wonderful combination!

  21. Robert B Tolley Says:

    Reblogged this on Two, Four, Six, Or Ten – My Automotive Life and commented:
    Classic European cars gather in small town America.

  22. Robert B Tolley Says:

    Great line up of classic automobilia. We have quite a few ‘shows’ locally, there’s one this weekend! Feel free to check out my WordPress blog and my photography page at http://roberttolleyphotography.webs.com and click on the ‘Gallery’ button.

  23. Laurence Madill Says:

    I’m loving the Audi Quattro; my all time favourite car I think

  24. armormax Says:

    Reblogged this on armormax and commented:
    Cool Cars

  25. home, garden, life Says:

    Nice to see these beauties all together. FYI: Editing photos for light fill would improve these wonderful automobiles.

  26. jremes84 Says:

    I’ve always wanted Alfa Romeo, but the gas consumption might be quite horrendous on those cars.

  27. Cassilda Says:

    hey, great job friend, cheers.http://www.videosdamonica.com

  28. splatism64 Says:

    Reblogged this on tom's space.

  29. backpackerina Says:

    These are some of the cleanest cars I’ve seen in a while. That’s the first thing that popped in my head after seeing those beautiful photos. Way to keep the traffic out!

  30. My Camera, My Friend Says:

    Love these! I did a post on classic cars last fall and am planning another one soon. They are such fascinating subjects.

  31. Kate Walsh / designhouse9 Says:

    Love the old cars. Looks like a great day. Wish I could have been there. I drove next to this old car one morning. I think it was a Model T or A but can’t be sure. Click on the photo for a larger image: http://designhouse9.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/antique-car-and-a-penny-farthing/

  32. Astrid | Pohutukawa PhotoGraphic Says:

    So much shiny! Great shots of an excellent array of cars (why no Beetles?!). Favourites are the Porsche 356’s and that lovely baby blue Alfa 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  33. Dione Says:

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  34. ratchet7764 Says:

    Wow, talk about a throwback! It’s amusing to see how funny looking some of these models were. I wonder if in thirty years people will look back on today’s cars and think the same thing! Looking forward to the next post!

  35. beautywhizz Says:

    Love those cars!!!!

  36. Kev Says:

    cool cars!

  37. Patricia Black Says:

    Went to classic car show in Decatur Al today. Tennessee Valley Classic show

  38. joiedevivre74 Says:

    Reblogged this on This beautiful life.

  39. Chicago Heritage Association Says:

    Get the hotdog guy to open earlier!

  40. Gerber Collision & Glass Says:

    Great Photos of Classic Cars

  41. Carmen Says:

    interesting post. thank you for sharing!

  42. swimmersbun Says:

    oh how gorgeous. Now if only I had the money…

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