Is the BMW Stick?



Is the BMW stick?

Sadly, by the year 2025, the next generation of  car enthusiasts will only conger up visuals as this, as the lazy emasculated trend of automatics creeps closer and closer to exterminating true driving engagement. At least, that’s just our Fuelfed opinion.

What say ye, DSG, Steptronic, Tiptronic, Dad-pants-wearing panzies out there?




2 Responses to “Is the BMW Stick?”

  1. Jean Says:

    Do you know how few of the general public actually know how to drive a stick now?

    Five more years – and my granddaughter will know how…or she won’t be driving her daddy’s or her granny’s cars.

  2. Bill Siegfriedt Says:

    Yes, it seems inevitable.

    I have never bought an automatic, but it is getting more and more difficult to find premium cars with manual transmissions. To wit, my 5 cars:

    1970 Porsche 911E — Porsche is probably the least affected make, but 911 sales are majority 2-pedal cars. And no 2-pedal car counts as a manual. The joy is in the operation of the clutch!

    1974 Alfa-Romeo GTV — They haven’t been in the US market for nearly 2 decades. Enough said.

    1999 VW Passat — Learner car for the kids. Current sales less than 10% stick. Bound to decline now that VW is making its first serious assault on the Camry/Accord market. By the way, this car replaced a 1991 Camry V6 5-speed — Toyota shops marveled at its rarity when they saw it. My kids gladly drive stick. Their friends think they are somehow god-like that they know how and do it well.

    2002 Saab 9-3 — Wife’s car. RIP Saab individuality I did not insist she get a stick. She drives strictly around town, but she really likes the stick in the snow.

    2002 BMW 525 — I bought it for the sweet in-line 6 and 5-speed. I bought it as a 3-year-old CPO, but I wanted it in Topaz Blue with the rare tan interior and ultra-low miles. Oh, and no Sport Suspension (with a stick? — hah!), since the place I live has Third World streets. Found it at a dealer 800 miles away in Delaware.

    For 2012, the base BMW 5 series is no longer available as a 6 or a 5-speed. (And don’t get me started on turbos — Honest horsepower for me) I’ll be keeping my car a long time.

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