April 2012 Coffee & Classics Recap



The first official Coffee & Classics gathering of the season was a record showing. Car owners were out in force, eager to get the dust off their cars and venture out for a Sunday morning with fellow enthusiasts. For those of us anxious to meet up with old friends and see who new might show up, the morning did not disappoint.

The streets were filled with cars and people from near and far. Many enthusiasts from the first year are still coming (George, Alan G., Alan A. and Tim S. to name a few), and the 356 club was out in numbers for the first C&C of the year. Last year brought too many regulars to begin naming. But, we’d like to give a shout-out to Peter D. for treating a number of us to coffee at Cafe Aroma (as promised).

It was great to see Bo D. waiving from the corner as we pulled in; he came up from Danvers to attend with his son Sam. Special thanks, too, to Kevin H who was in town from California and carved out time to see Coffee & Classics first hand.



April had a number of surprises, like a black Porsche 959, ISO Grifo, and Ferrari 288 GTO as well as several other vintage super cars. Not to mention another Lee Hartung unrestored pick up truck which is way ahead of the current automotive fashion curve.



Mark R. braved the brisk spring weather and drove this Pagoda 280sl top down.



If you were hoping to see an MG TC parked next to an ISO Grifo, then this was your opportunity to get up close and personal with one.



Lorraine debuted her new classic. We wonder how she decided on that plate?



No matter what end of the street you start on, it was historic classic after, historic classic. Gotta love it!

Need more classic  networking? Then join us this Thursday night (May 10) at the first EVENING Coffee & Classics in Wilmette. We’ll gather in the parking lot at Plaza del Lago from 7-9p.m. Remember, although Evening Coffee & Classics will move locations every month, the original Sunday morning Coffee & Classics will continue to be at the same location in Winnetka each month.




3 Responses to “April 2012 Coffee & Classics Recap”

  1. MV Says:

    This was the first time I attended ‘Coffee & Classics’, I was the one who brought the 959. It was very enjoyable, great people, great coffee and great classics.

    Unfortunately, it ended on something of a sour note for me. By the time I was ready to leave the TR6 that was parked next to me earlier had left and someone had parked a minivan in its place. There were plenty of other parking spaces around but the beater was parked about two feet away from my 959. I did a quick check for any dings as the possible result of careless minivan egress and there was –to my horror- a mark on my driver’s side door. I spend some time massaging the wound with a mild abrasive at home and it did improve things.

    I had a great time visiting Winnetka for ‘Coffee & Classics’ but I am not sure if I will be back. I don’t mind parking next to somebody else’s prized classic (as I am sure the owner will be as careful as me) but there should be an area, just for that Sunday morning, for a few hours, where beaters are not allowed.

    • The Driver Says:

      We’re very sorry to hear about the horrible experience at Coffee & Classics last Sunday.

      The whole premise is to drive your classic and network with other enthusiasts. Everyone likes the street parking aspect but per Winnetka police order we can’t prohibit the public for parking among us. We had talked about moving it a block south, that way we could control the street traffic. This might be the impetus to do that.

      As a side note, we reallyy appreciate that you brought the 959 out. Many of the collectors that were there hadn’t seen one in person either.

  2. patrick mcallister Says:

    I was really glad to see the 959 and hope to see it again. You can park it next to my 1969 Camaro anytime!

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