FFotW: 1993 Mercedes 500e, $9800

Posted: May.2.2012

The Mac-Daddy of 1990’s executive style and speed: the ubiquitous Porsche-tuned Mercedes Benz 500e. One of these should be on every baby boomers short list. The maintenance history and listing price are tempting but the forever salvage title is not.

Someone be brave and buy this.



The ad reads:

Originally sold and serviced by a well known Californian Mercedes-Benz mechanic, Robert Fenton. Fenton, who was well acquainted with the car having maintained it for a very wealthy “open checkbook” owner. About 6 years ago the previous owner had the car thoroughly gone over, spending well over $30,000 to have just about everything under the hood and throughout the chassis refurbished as needed. All wear components and electrical issues, wiring looms, gaskets, hoses, etc, that need attention on this car were replaced.



Unfortunately, just months after this extensive work was completed the car was in a fender bender (right rear quarter only) in 2006. No doubt, the owner was enjoying the drive and flexed its muscle a bit too much and spun out.

Incredibly when it came time to do the insurance claim the adjuster credited the value of the chassis as a 300E, not the much more valuable 500E. Upon learning this, Fenton gladly paid the insurance company to acquire the Salvage Title for what was largely cosmetically injured roller. He then repaired the few rear suspension components that needed attention with all NOS MB parts and had the body attended to at the highest professional standards.

The Good, the Bad …


* Correct Hella Euro Headlights (man are they nice and bright!)
* No-color front turn signals
* Later model style grill (all metal)
* An OMG! $6,000 everything-under-the-sun Kenwood sound/video system including: AM/FM/Sirius/DVD/TV/Hands Free Blue Tooth/GPS Navigation/AudioDVD/Aux Audio & Video Input/5.1 Surround with Subwoofer (installed on back deck where First Aid kit would reside)/Split channel audio (front passengers can listen to music while rear seat guests watch DVD with wireless headphones).
* Additional 12 volt accessory outlets – For Radar Detector, Cell phones, Laptop.
* Near-New Standard 500E wheels (selling near perfect take-off Genuine MB ’94 500E Limited wheels separately).
* New Pirelli P600 tires
* All body electrical functions perfectly including rear headrests, sunshade, all dashboard switches, all seat movements, all gauges, AC/Heat, heated seats, etc. etc.
* Nice door-mounted drink cup holders.
* Trick hiding motorized front license plate. Yes, the custom European plate stays with car, and a small key-fob remotely controls the position of the state plate.
* No rust.
* Leather & Carpets perfect.
* All wood perfect.
* Tracks straight, no weired noises, no drips!
* Comprehensive maintenance records for everything done on the for over 10 past years and more.



* Previous Salvage Title
* Clearcoat thin in small spots on rear trunk
* Few stone chips

Detailed pictures can be viewed here.

This is a great, near flawless 500E for any budget minded auto enthusiast. Impeccable service history and pedigree, but with the obvious previous salvage marks. This is not for the collector or most discriminating of tastes, but for a Mercedes enthusiast looking for a superb daily driver.

Please do not hesitate to contact Frank with any questions, shipping quotes or to schedule a test drive. (312) 884-1149. We offer free airport pickups and reasonable shipping costs to anywhere around the World.

See the CL Ad here:




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