March 18, 2012 Impromptu Coffee & Classics…Spectacular!



The weather here Chicagoland has been outstanding pretty much all winter. This  allowed Fuelfed drivers to break out the beasts months earlier than usual. Anticipation for Coffee & Classics to start was too much for some and we were easily pressured into an impromptu gathering to celebrate the sunshine and 80º temps on Sunday, March 18th. The two day lead email invite got the resounding response of…YES!!!



Without going into details of who and what drove in, we’ll just say the C&C crew was out in full force. It’s such a true pleasure to see and feel the excitement in the air as serious collector classics kept driving in.



Lincoln Ave. was once again buzzing with enthusiasts picking up where they left off in October. Conversations about what traded at Amelia Island weeks earlier and who did what in Scottsdale back in January could be heard every other E-Type.

We can’t wait to see happens on the season opener April 29th.


Click on thumbnails to enlarge.




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