FFotW: 1977 Mercury Comet 50K Original Miles $2700



Attention all hoodie wearing, skinny jeans flaunting, beard sporting Wicker Parker clones: this one’s for you!

It’s not often, ok never, do we talk about 1970’s American econo-cars. But this one we know personally, and can vouch for its condition. And no the owner is not elderly nor a web designer.


1977 Mercury Comet, original, unmolested condition, 49.9K. Runs and drives well. 250cc inline six runs well, body in good condition with several small rust areas (none through metal). Stored in heated garage storage year-round; driven infrequently. Unfortunately, storage place is closing in May, and I don’t want to keep this car outside. So…

An overview:

Engine–runs well, though could use tune up. Idles fine (when in D there is a little vibration, but in P is very smooth).

Body–overall, very good for 32-year-old car. Original paint, no body work (I did the magnet test when I bought it). metal. Trunk good (see pix). Chrome bumpers and trim are in very good shape.

Transmission–shifts smoothly, no issues.



Other mechanicals–butter-like power steering. Heat works great (pervious owner said he changed the heater core in 2007). AC compressor seems to kick on, but no cold blows.

Electrical–all lights, switches work.

Interior–overall, very good. Upholstery is very good, except for driver’s seat, which has large tears and missing fabric (see pix). Dash is great–no cracks. Headliner perfect.

Tires–good Firestones with more than 50 percent tread left. Full spare.

Exhaust–good shape.



Here are two short videos:



Overall, this is a fun little car. Certainly not the fastest or showiest, but a great representation of Detroit (Windsor?) products of the late ’70s. You could keep as is or drop in the 302 V8.



I’m not a gearhead by any means, but will answer questions to the best of my ability. Car is in heated storage near Belmont and Cicero, and can only be seen Friday nights and weekends only. Looking for an area buyer, as my past experience with out-of-town buyers hasn’t been so great. Thanks.

Email inquiries here.




3 Responses to “FFotW: 1977 Mercury Comet 50K Original Miles $2700”

  1. chrismears Says:

    My grandparents had one of these. Maybe it’s the association but this was my first “favourite” car and I still love them. It’s almost difficult to imagine a time when this was a compact car compared to cars like FIAT’s new 500 and Toyota’s Yaris.

  2. rlr66 Says:

    Any chance you still have your 77 Mercury Comet?

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