Our Fuelfed Brother Butzi Passes @ 76



Thursday, April 5, 2012 was a sad day for all Porsche 911 purists with the passing of Butzi Porsche. Grandson of Ferdinand & son of Ferry: Butzi was the designer for what has become THE icon for German sports cars and the hallmark of Porsche itself…the 911.

Butzi left Porsche in 1972  to form Porsche Design, which itself put out iconic industrial design akin to Raymond Loewy and Brooks Stevens. Yoko Ono wore Porsche Design sunglasses exclusively.



Butzi and his cousin Ferdinand Pïech were the 1-2 punch that put Porsche on the racing map in the 1960’s. Butzi with timeless styling and Ferdinand with ground breaking engineering.



Butzi never bowed to fashionable design trends, instead followed the pure German ethos of Form-Follows-Function. An ethos that embodies the Fuelfed Spirit 100%.

The below picture was taken in 2011 in the Austrian Alps, where a friend ran into Butzi driving his beloved 964. Truly a man of his own design.



Good bye Fuelfed brother, you made automotive design a far better place.




3 Responses to “Our Fuelfed Brother Butzi Passes @ 76”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    A great man………….a force…………..an automotive titan. RIP.

  2. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    5 comment for a babe and a MGB GT….
    and only one(mine) for dear Butzi?

    I am kind of disappointed in the Porschephiles…………………..

  3. The Driver Says:

    I have to agree with Sam.
    Butzi deserves better.
    Though Little Ms. MGB-GT has nicer legs.

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